Child Behaviour Policy


The following general behaviour management strategies are frequently used at The Little Palms:

Positive statements are made to encourage the child to do the right thing. For example:“Turn the pages carefully” rather than “Don’t tear the book!”

Positive redirection is used to clarify when and where certain behaviour is acceptable. i.e., “We will walk” instead of “No running inside!” Feelings are validated. Children are guided to socially acceptable means of articulating anger and frustration such as verbal expression, pounding play dough or a pillow.

The “deed” is separated from the “doer”. This relays the message that “I like you and accept you unconditionally. However, I do not like what you did.” Good behaviour that we want to see continuously is reinforced.

Examples of positive reinforcers include a smile, sticker charts, expressing thank you and other words of encouragement, such as “Let’s try it together”.