Origin & History


It is the aim of every parent to find the right school for their child, one that takes care of his learning, equips him with life skills as well as helps in his overall development. Several years ago, it was this same desire that propelled Mrs. Neha Arya to look around their neighbourhood for an “outstanding pre-school” to enroll their child in. She came across many good schools, each offering something unique to the child. Yet, what was missing was a good school that gave their child EVERYTHING that the little one needed for their all round development.

As with any parent, she wanted nothing but the best for their child. Their aspiration to fulfill that dream led their to initiate one of the most respected group of institutions in India, a pioneer in early childhood education and care – The Palms Global school. The Palms Global School continues to grow every day, enriching the lives of preschoolers in various parts of the country. They are striving to create an institution which fosters strong skills and an everlasting passion for learning as the child grows and is ready to take on the challenges of grade school.