What makes The Palms Global School Special ?

Our Concept Rooms

We strongly believe that movement is a constant need for the development of the child. So when you visit The Palms school you will never find our children seated in a room for more than 25 minutes. Their daily learning happens in the various concept rooms like the:

 1. Motor skills area

To Enhance practical and Sensorial experiences with the help of Montessori Material.

2. Stage Area

Music, movement, prayer and public speaking.

3. Reading Corner

Age appropriate reading program to
inculcate reading skills.

4. Early Learning Area

A unique multi sensory learning area for early learners.

5. Art and Craft area

For creative and aesthetic expression.

6. Focused Learning Area

Exposure to core learning in a formal classroom setup.

7. Outdoor Play Area

For Gross motor activities and Physical and social development.